Volatility is the enemy of value. Our entire economic system depends on the credibility of our reporting, and a clear and unimpaired understanding of private enterprise value.

IronHorse professionals are highly trained, highly credentialed forensic accountants, valuators, experts and appraisers. We maintain rigorous compliance with certifying and credentialing bodies and their regulations. We scrutinize the facts behind complicated forensic accounting and valuation issues. The delicacy of these efforts must be balanced with the need for urgency and thorough analysis. Our experience can help steady the challenge and we will communicate regularly with you to discuss project status, results and next steps.

Forensic Services Include:

  • Fraud prevention, detection and response
  • Financial Reporting Fraud and Irregularity Forensic Audits
  • Electronic Evidence Analysis, Preservation and Securitization
  • Ponzi Scheme Analysis
  • Asset Searches, Public Records Searches, and Related Party Search and Documentation
  • Pink Sheet and Other Stock Scams
  • Private Placement Fraud Analysis & Investigations
  • Borrowing Base and other Bank Fraud Examinations/Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations:
    • Defense case advisory, case assessment, case management, complaint response, rebuttal expert witness
    • Evidence gathering and analysis
    • Advanced forensic analysis and techniques
    • Document production requests and responses
    • Document, data and evidence identification, recovery, analysis and management
    • Indictment assistance
    • Testifying expert

Valuation Services Include:

  • Family Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions-Buy & Sell Side Advisory
  • Estate Tax Returns
  • E.S.O.P Valuations
  • Disputes
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Distressed Business Valuation
  • Plan of Reorganization Valuation
  • Liquidation Plan Valuation
  • Lost Profit and Damages Computations/Valuation
  • Solvency Opinions
  • Goodwill and Intangible Asset Fair Value Impairment Valuation
  • Lender & Private Equity Due Diligence/Portfolio Valuations
  • Exit, Succession, Wealth and Estate Planning
  • Valumetric Modeling and Template Development/Maintenance