Litigation and business disputes can severely disrupt a business, damage its reputation, and decrease value for the stakeholders. Litigation teams must aggressively tackle the unique contingencies and complexities that lawsuits demand. Frequently, the very survival of the firm depends on the critical decisions that will be made.

The professionals at IronHorse have the right stuff to complement your legal team
in the critical areas of business that impact litigation support. We have successfully investigated, analyzed and quantified economic damages and lost profits in a variety of cases. Our evidence compilation and presentation capabilities are unmatched. We understand and appreciate the very unique and specialized needs of the audience, and possess the creativity needed to present high-impact visuals, summaries and buttoned-down reports that can be easily drilled down as well as up.


Our Services Include:

  • Expert witness assistance (consulting and testifying)
  • Solvency opinions
  • Rebuttal expertise
  • Case assessment management
  • Other services in areas of dispute, pre-complaint,
    complaint, discovery, pre-trial and settlement consulting