Twenty years ago, Tony Wayne was introduced to this business and provided with his very first client, Weld Racing. Upon completion of a dramatic turnaround in performance, Tony joined Greg Weld as his Chief Operating Officer.

Over the years, IronHorse continued to remain close to Greg and his business, and we have been fortunate to continue a close business and personal relationship with the business and the Weld family as well. In addition, we have remained close to the performance segment of the automotive after-market and have relationships with many people and firms that compete in this exciting space.


The $30 billion performance segment of the after-market is in reality a collection of segments each of which has a different consumer focus, market variables, products emphasis and distribution channels. One thing each of these highly exciting segment shares-intense passion, loyalty and brand love affairs that are truly unique:


  • Custom wheels and performance tires
  • Accessories and custom body and finish treatments
  • Vehicle performance system enhancements and upgrades
  • Racing
  • Euro
  • Street Performance
  • Street rod and custom
  • Off road
  • Light truck
  • Heavy-duty truck
  • Restoration and restyling
  • Converters and installers